Transform your iPad in the most interesting device to read comic books. Be the first to try our product and experience comic books in a new different way.


The legend of the most impressive fight of the andean world to build up the great inka empire.

The Inka’s Press app for iPad is the first digital object dedicated to the comic book that combines art, technology and Peruvian culture.


Over 1000 high-quality illustrations. Art produced by the recognized group of Tawa Productions.


Browse and experience the new user interface. Read a comic like you've never done: Feel it, it’s yours.

Digital imagen

We’re putting technology into the hands of artists. It’s eye-popping.


Blending tradition with advanced technology, Inka’s Press offers a whole new editorial experience, richer than the heaviest book, deeper than a film and more immersive than a video game.





Immersive experience.

Sensational and intuitive.

Inka’s Press provides a unique, fluid and intuitive user experience, allowing for an object-like navigation. The app is not just a simple reproduction of reality but rather a continuation in which technology takes a back seat to the immersion that it provides thanks to an extensive groundwork in physical simulations and thorough research of the behavior of objects.

Digital image&Content.

Rich & unequalled.

Putting the most advanced software and technique in the hands of the best tlents, Tawa’sartpushes the limits of 3D and 2D aesthetics, delivering unequaled state-of-the-art imagery. From the modeling to the quality of lighting, the choice of textures to color adjustments, the result is an experience never seen before in the domain of interactive applications.